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Our goal is to make it easy for you to reach your audience online. We offer you a service that allows you to do live broadcasts to Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Vimeo or your own learning management system. You can also sell tickets to your live show with the help of Blue Video Cloud, our paywall service designed for you to monetise your live content. In addition, you can record high-quality video content or podcasts at our studio in Tampere.

This company was borne out of the realisation that video (both live and recorded) is a fantastic, cost-effective way to reach hundreds or even thousands of people online with little effort. As we are moving to an age of live video, companies need to find functional ways to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently. This is where we come in. It does not make sense for every single company to build a live studio and hire the staff to run it. We allow companies to outsource the production of (recorded and live) video content. This allows companies to avoid the large investments to office space and technology that building a live studio entails. This means faster production cycles for live and recorded content and a significantly higher quality of the video content produced.

What's in it for me?

Facebook Live

It's all about reaching your audience. Whether you are advertising your product or service or simply wanting to be present on social media, live streams are arguably one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. Live streams to social media platforms basically allow you to speak directly to your social media audience. Facebook now allows companies to live stream on Facebook Pages and Groups. You can also create the live events beforehand and your audience can click to be reminded of your live event.

Youtube Live

Youtube Live is one of the most common live streaming platforms out there. If you have a channel with followers on Youtube, live streams are a super effective way to speak to them directly and get their attention. You can live stream to Youtube using your phone, laptop or by using a service like our studio that allows you to take the quality of your live content to another level. Youtube has 2 billion users worldwide so it's just a fantastic way to supercharge your reach.

Video as automation

Whether it's for internal training purposes or for delivering your message on social media, recorded video content is one of your best employees as it never gets tired. Once recorded, you can use and re-use your video to deliver your message to hundreds or even thousands of people. Don't say the same things twice if you can use video to repeat your message to the viewer. So it's a way to save time and avoid having to deliver the same lectures over and over again.

Think global

Instead of running a local business and only focusing on reaching potential customers in your geographic proximity, video allows you to talk to people anywhere in the world regardless of their location. When it comes to video, geography and distance do not matter. People can watch your live show or your video ad anywhere in the world just as easily. With live video, you can talk to your audience real time anywhere in the world. It's all about reaching your audience and video is the most effective way to do it.

If it's good, charge for it

You know you got it. Whether it's art, science, music or knowledge that helps people, offers them enjoyment or a welcome break from daily life, you can also sell live video content to your audience online. With the help of Blue Video Cloud, you can sell tickets to your live show to your audience regardless of their location.

Record a high-quality podcast

Create Your Own Podcast

Jump into the world of podcasts! Reserve the podcast room for an hour and you'll have your first podcast episode out within a week!
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Record video content for your LMS

Record Video Content For Your LMS

Record high-quality video content for your learning management system, both for internal and external use. All this in Full HD. Book the webinar room for an hour and start recording.
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Shoot a webinar in Full HD quality

Do A Webinar in Full HD

Do a webinar that's as easy as it gets. It just does not get simpler than this. Go live on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn or set your webinar behind a paywall. Book the webinar room for an hour and go live.
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Superb customer service and lifelike video and audio quality


Our goal is to allow for you to reach your audience online. We will do everything it takes to make it as easy and convenient for you. And we are passionate about the quality of your recorded and live content, so you won't be disappointed.

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Olemme tamperelainen online-videotuotantoon erikoistunut yritys. Meillä voit tehdä podcasteja, videotallenteita, live-lähetyksiä sekä maksullisia live-lähetyksiä. Tarjoamme käyttöösi ultramodernin live-studion, tekniikan sekä henkilökunnan, joka vastaa kaikesta tekniikasta. Ulkoista tekniikka ja tee laadukasta sisältöä Full HD -laadulla.

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Pohditko podcast-, video- tai live-tuotannon käynnistämistä etkä tiedä, mistä aloittaa? Autamme sinut mielellämme alkuun ja neuvomme, mitä eri teknisiä vaihtoehtoja sinulla on käytettävissäsi. Varaa ilmainen kartoitus ja autamme sinut alkuun podcast-, video- ja livetuotannossasi! Kartoitus voidaan toteuttaa etänä tai studiollamme.

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