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Live And Lifelike

Go live. As of the 1st of March, you can sell your expertise to everybody online. Blue Video cloud is a cloud-based e-learning service that allows you to train an audience of any size in real time. In Full HD quality. You can produce your live webinars in a modern studio designed for the purpose of online education. Our staff is present at the studio at all times, running the show for you, allowing you to focus on the content.

Interactive And Engaging

Your webinar participants can ask you questions during your show and you can have your audience vote on questions of your choosing. And comment on the results on the fly. In real time. You can also bring in remote guests as a part of your show.

Compatibility With All Devices And Operating Systems

Blue Video Cloud works on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer and is operating system agnostic. Any private individual, corporation, public sector organisation or non-profit can buy tickets to your webinar. In bulk or individually.

Train On Any Subject, Set Prices The Way You Want

You can hold a paid webinar on any subject and set the price for your training as you want. You call the shots. We offer you a cloud infrastructure that can stand any kind of user load and a payment system that allows you to accept payments in any imaginable payment format. If you manage to build a bigger audience over time, there is no upper limit on the number of paying viewers you can have watching your webinar.

Fastest Datacentres In The Nordic Countries And Northern Europe

Powered by Amazon Web Services, your webinar is delivered to your clients via the fastest cloud infrastructure in the Nordics. Your viewers can watch your webinar from anywhere in Finland - in Full HD. This also applies to users on a mobile device if they are within the reach of the 4G network. The quality of your webinars is stunning, since your show is produced in a studio environment by professionals.

A Complete Turnkey Service

We take care of the technical production, delivery and sale of your webinars. And we deliver the payments automatically to your account. All you need is a business ID number (y-tunnus). You can accept payments in every conceivable payment format: online banking, credit card, invoice, GSM payment, Apple Pay and Android Pay. All that is left to your responsibility is the marketing of your webinar and the high quality of your Powerpoint presentation. And that's it. We even handle the customer service for you.

Sell Your Expertise In The Whole Of Finland

You can now sell any type of knowledge to everyone in Finland. In the form of a real time broadcast that functions on all smart devices regardless of the operating system. To an audience of any size, regardless of your viewers' location. And in Full HD quality and so that the only technical responsibility that you have is the Powerpoint presentation.

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Olemme tamperelainen online-videotuotantoon erikoistunut yritys. Meillä voit tehdä podcasteja, videotallenteita, live-lähetyksiä sekä maksullisia live-lähetyksiä. Tarjoamme käyttöösi ultramodernin live-studion, tekniikan sekä henkilökunnan, joka vastaa kaikesta tekniikasta. Ulkoista tekniikka ja tee laadukasta sisältöä Full HD -laadulla.

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Pohditko podcast-, video- tai live-tuotannon käynnistämistä etkä tiedä, mistä aloittaa? Autamme sinut mielellämme alkuun ja neuvomme, mitä eri teknisiä vaihtoehtoja sinulla on käytettävissäsi. Varaa ilmainen kartoitus ja autamme sinut alkuun podcast-, video- ja livetuotannossasi! Kartoitus voidaan toteuttaa etänä tai studiollamme.

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