Good To Be in Tampere

Tampere is one of the biggest cities in Finland with a diverse economy, a lot of startups and an excellent quality of life. Those are also the reasons why we decided to set up shop here first. Last week we were honoured to host both the Tampere Business Forum and the 3 day live shows of the Tampere Chamber of Commerce with significant speakers from the academic, governmental and business world.

The message in all the conversations is clear: The business, academic and governmental world all take part in the planning of the city’s future with a clear goal in mind, to allow the city to grow and prosper. The vast infrastructure projects both completed and underway witness to the determination of the city’s decision-makers to plan for the future and to make bold decisions. The UROS Live arena and the tram system built from scratch are good examples of big changes in Tampere.

The Tampere region with its pro-business and startup-friendly culture is an ideal environment for any company to test their wings and to grow. It was a real pleasure to offer our live studio as the venue for these discussions. You can watch the live shows below. The live shows which we held in our Podcast Room well illustrate the power of live streaming in conveying complex policy and business information to the wider public.

Tampere Business Forum

Strategy Sessions of the Tampere Chamber of Commerce

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Would you like to know more about live talk shows and how you could utilise our live studio to produce one? You can book a meeting with us and we’ll help you out. Use the calendar below to book a remote presentation with us!


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