So What Exactly Is an Online Presence?

So you’re told to boost your online presence. But what the heck does that mean? In this blog post, we’ll explain it.

Blue Theory

To gain an effective understanding of what it means to have an online presence, it’s good to have a theoretical understanding of what it actually means when someone has a digital presence and how this differs from standing in the corner of a street on in an auditorium and talking to people face-to-face. And since this has not been studied in detail before, we have created a theory of that for you. We call that the Blue Theory. Blue Theory is an attempt to understand the impact and possibilities offered by the live video technology to our communication.

Let’s get started. We live in a digital world world. That means that we interact together as a society via digital channels. The nature of the digital networks is to the eye a fairly similar existence to the life we have in the physical world. But there’s a one key difference, and that is linked to the one technological feature of the digital platforms which makes all the difference. And that’s the scalability brought about by the cloud computing behind the social media networks.

In the physical world, there’s always a physical limit to how many people you can reach. Only a certain amount of people fit into one room together. Your voice cannot always be heard by the person in the back of the room. Or the geographical distances between people make them see each other less often. With the Internet, things are a bit different. Same kind of physical limits to how often we may come into contact with one another simply do not exist.

Live streaming is a case in point. Due to cloud computing, you can (technically) have an endlessly scalable existence on the Internet in real time. So whenever more people just want to tune in, they can. “The room” never gets full. You can now basically turn your social media channels that broadcast live information in real time to all your followers. So if their phone is open, they open Facebook or Youtube or your website, they may actually “see” you in real time. And there can be 100, 1000 or 10 000 people watching but the transaction costs do not increase.

This means that a single individual or organisation can have a reach online that is entirely disproportionate to the actual size and societal weight of that individual in the “physical world”. Think of cloud computing as the megaphone that endlessly replicates your message online. In the physical world, you can hold a speech only on one market square or auditorium floor at the same time. And only people who live near the venue are likely to attend your event. With digital communications, you can hold your speech on several market squares at the same time and anyone, no matter where they are located, can “travel” to your event.

In summary, we define a digital presence as the capability to exist and distribute information in a scalable way online. A digital presence differs from the old school “physical presence” by two key ways: a) geographical distances do not impact your message’s reach and b) the room never gets “full”.

The reach of your message is determined by X. And X is determined by the combination of

  • a) your message’s appeal to the audience
  • b) the technical limits imposed by the cloud services that scale your message in the social media networks and on the Internet and
  • c) the algorithms that channel your message to the people in the end.

This short piece of advice concludes the FIRST CHAPTER of Blue Theory. A few final tips though:

  • Prioritise video and live video messaging in your marketing and communications because this is the easiest form of communication to digest on a smart device.
  • Use all digital channels possible
  • Always go for the highest number of viewers possible – simply because you can

And there you have it. Time to kickstart your online presence.

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